Designing a DIY 3d printed bicycle

The Concept

3D Printed

The MOBI (Modular Bicycle) is unique because parts of it are made with a desktop 3D printer. This means you can customise, manufacture and build your own bicycle - at home!

Pushing the Frontier

MOBI 1 is not a commercial product. It has not been designed to compete with the awesome steel and aluminium bicycles already on the market. Rather, this is a hobby project, in which we try to push consumer 3D printing to its limit.


The MOBI is a truly modular bicycle. This means that every part can be removed and replaced, without the need of any (expensive!) specialised tools or skills.

Open Design

We believe in the power of open design, so everything we’ve designed is freely accessible. You can access the current design of the bicycle through this link. We’re working hard to clean up the files to make it even easier for you to dive in and customise the parts to your heart’s desire!

The Design

Over the past two years we have been working on this project on and off. We have now created a functional bicycle, which we call the MOBI 1. We believe this is as far as a bicycle with plastic components can come. The performance is still not optimal, but improvements on this front will have to wait until the first consumer metal 3D printers hit the market.

Until then, we want to share our design and allow others to learn from the many hours of work, countless tests and myriad of design choices that we have already invested in the project. Our working files are accessible via this link, but we are working to create a newer version that will allow for easy adaptation of variables within the design. At the same time we are working on documenting our project and the many things we have learnt form it.

We are always excited to learn how this project has inspired you or how you are using it for a project of your own. Maybe you are developing your own bicycle or something completely different. We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch!



About us

Pssst, we are both looking for fulltime internships starting August/September 2016. Would you like to offer us the opportunity to come and design awesome products for you company? Drop us an email!

Friends of The Bike Project

During the past two years a number of companies and individuals have been absolutely crucial to the project. They have allowed us to learn about 3D printing, bicycles, startups and so much more - check them out!

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